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4 Things You Can Expect to Change for Your Elderly Relative With In-Home Care

As your parent, grandparent, or other relative grows older, it becomes a trying task to ensure they are still safe at home on their own and getting everything they need to be healthy. If it becomes too much of a burden for you to handle their needs on your own, hiring an in-home care professional for help is a wise decision. 
In-home care is an area of elder care that focuses on everyday living needs of patients who prefer to age at home. Here is a look at some of the things you can expect to change with in-home care for your elderly relative. 
1. Better Handling of Personal Care
About five percent of people over 65 are either in a nursing home, assisted care facility, or another type of home for the elderly. Those who do end up in a facility are not always there strictly because of their health alone. One of the top reasons an elderly person has to move into a nursing home is that they cannot properly handle their personal care needs on their own. 
Personal care can be neglected by an elderly individual when they live alone because they may have issues with mobility, a fear of falling, or even a problem with forgetfulness. Bathing or showering, putting on clean clothes, and everyday personal grooming is often neglected. An in-home care agent will ensure all personal care tasks are handled as they should be. 
2. Increased Contentment 
In-home care is not just about tending to a patient's personal needs. It is about companionship and being a friendly face for someone who would otherwise be alone most of the time. Loneliness can cause all kinds of problems for elderly individuals, including:
  • A higher risk of developing dementia 
  • A lack of will to overcome small challenges
  • A risk of developing anxiety and depression
You will notice a dramatic difference in how content your elderly relative is just because they have some social interaction every day with the in-home care agent. Even if apprehensive in the beginning, your loved one will eventually look forward to the consistent interaction because they won't feel so socially withdrawn and lonely. 
3. More Attention to a Proper Diet 
Eating a proper, healthy diet is even more important to an aging adult because their health, which may already be ailing, needs the proper nutritional support. When your loved one lives alone, you might struggle to ensure the meals they get are healthy.
Many elderly individuals rely on convenience foods like frozen dinners and fast food because they either don't feel like cooking or their family caregivers don't have time to prepare meals for them. With an in-home caregiver in place in the home, your elderly loved one will get fresh and hot meals that are healthy and even specifically catered to their nutritional needs. 
4. Improved Peace of Mind
Anyone who has ever been directly responsible for looking out for an elderly relative knows how emotionally and physically challenging it can be. Your free time must be spent tending to your relative's personal care needs, whether it is preparing meals for them, bathing them, or cleaning their home. 
Having an in-home care professional with your elderly relative means you don't have to dedicate so much of your own time making sure they are okay. Plus, you will know their needs are being met and they have someone there for them possibly more than what you could've provided. 
At the end of the day, in-home care allows your family member to stay in their home safely far longer than they normally would otherwise. If you would like to know more about in-home care for your elderly relative, contact us at Tri-Valley Personal Home Care Services.