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Senior in Home Companion Care Experts in Pleasanton, CA

Man in need of senior in home companion care in Pleasanton, CA

Compassionate Companionship

Illness or old age can slow down our lives, but the world doesn’t slow down around us. If you or a loved one could benefit from an occasional helping hand or someone to spend the hours with, companion care is an excellent option. Our compassionate caretakers are available for friendly and supportive conversation and for planning and encouraging social outings. Sometimes, a little company is all a person needs.

Elderly Companion Care

For many seniors, social needs fall to the wayside. As their family members continue with their busy lives, it can be hard to help Grandma or Grandpa get out in the world. Social interactions are deeply linked to physical health. A companion acts like a prescription to help with the isolation and loneliness that can come with age.

Companion Services

The role of a companion is first and foremost to provide companionship. They can also help run errands and help with daily tasks. They monitor and protect the safety and wellness of a senior. It’s easier to face the world with someone by your side.

Disabled Companion Care

Life with a disability is difficult, but despite their personal challenges, many people with disabilities are able to live fairly normal lives. Depending on the severity of a person’s disability, they may need only the added support of a companion.

Companion Care

Companions provide the people they care for with support. They can provide that support in a number of ways: helping with communication, directions and driving. If an everyday task is difficult, they are available to help complete it.

Explore the Options

If the companion care service option sounds like it would benefit you or any member of your family, reach out to the home care professionals at Tri-Valley Personal Home Care Services. We can help establish the best care schedule and regiment based on the needs of the person receiving care, providing compassionate companionship along the way.