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Personal Home Care Services
Serving Walnut Creek, Pleasanton and Surrounding Areas

Meal Preparation in Pleasanton and Walnut Creek, California

meal prep
Associates of Tri-Valley Personal Home Care Services provide assistance with many of the necessities of living at home. To retain their ability to live independently, many elderly people or their children arrange for meal preparation services. These services provide your loved ones with nutritious meals and help eating on an as-needed basis.

Meal Planning

Sometimes people just need the boost of motivation or the organizational assistance of a meal planner. Other times, your elderly parent may need someone to prepare all of the meals for them eat that week. Whatever their eating requirements, our trained caregivers can meet them.

Daily Meal Care

Instead of service once or a few times a week, we offer more intensive meal services for people who have an even more difficult time feeding themselves. Whether your loved one needs someone to prepare their food and help them feed themselves, our caregivers can meet their needs.

Dietary and Medical Needs

One of the most important considerations for your elderly relative’s eating is their dietary and medical restrictions. As people age, their ability to digest certain vitamins, proteins and other parts of food change. Physicians often issue restrictive diets that make it even harder for their patients to find foods they like, can eat and can prepare themselves.
This is why the caregivers at Tri Valley Personal Home Care Services are specially trained to accommodate the needs of your relative. Whether they need to cut out a food group, limit their sodium intake or balance certain nutrients, our caregivers can help. They will work in connection with physicians and medical professionals to ensure the menu fits your loved one’s needs.

Another Person on Their Side

All of our caregivers are specially trained and licensed for their assigned jobs and so much more. Each Tri-Valley Personal Home Care Services associate is a trained home care provider. We lend an ear to your loved one’s needs and are another source of information for you as to the wellness of your parent or grandparent. Let us join your lives and take some of the weight of caregiving.